Soft-Launch of „Instant Warfare“ in the german- speaking markets

Darmstadt, 28.08.2016

playzo, a developer of browser- and mobile games, announces the start of the soft-launch phase of it's realtime strategy game "Instant Warfare" in the german-speaking markets took place lately. Also playzo started it's Steam Greenlight Campaign for the game today.

"Instant Warfare" is a realtime strategy game where players can cooperate or fight against each other by taking control over their futuristic tank fleets. „Instant Warfare“ can be played on Android devices as well as on Apple devices. It's also available on PC Browser and PC Download.

Now the company seeks on getting the game onto Steam platform. Steam users can vote for the release of "Instant Warfare" from this day forward. On Steam, users decide about the availability of the game.

About playzo GmbH
playzo GmbH is a Darmstadt-based game production company that was founded by Christoph Süß in 2004. Its creative minds have brought forth titles such as “Desert Operations”, “Romadoria”, and “Harvestopia”. playzo GmbH can draw on more than 10 years of experience with strategy games to further expand its achievements in this field in the future.

Press Contact
Mr. Christoph Süß
playzo GmbH
Nina-Simone-Weg 7
64297 Darmstadt
Tel.: +49 6151 629 31111

Instant Warfare