Let's Play Approval and Rules

We're happy that you want to show our games in your videos and support any kind of community interaction with our games. Anyway, please stick to the rules. As long as you respect the following rules, we permit using our game logos, game names and all publically available graphics created by us to create and publish videos into public internet on any platform. We permit any monetization of these videos as long as you stick to the following rules.

  • If you're working with sponsors, mentioning them may not refer to the game. The content associated with the sponsor may be in reasonal and minimal limits and has to be fully transparent to the user.
  • Keep reference to the game! Racism, Sexism, and homophobic or offensive content of any kind is strictly forbidden! Please also keep the video as free as possible from political discussions.
  • Please add a link referring to the official game website to the video description or to the video itself in a way that interested players are able to get there and play the game.

Thank you!

Version: 30.08.2016
Christoph Süß,
playzo GmbH